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Will modern technology help reduce traffic tickets?

Will modern technology help reduce traffic tickets?

The implementation of cutting-edge technology in the transportation sector has seen a lot in recent months and even years. We have already seen many examples of technologies being used on the road. The most important of these achievements is really knowing if the driver is complying with the regulations of the D.O.T. and the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA).

In 2008, the use of advanced technology was authorized and put into effect to ensure that all carriers comply with the laws of the D.O.T. especially with regulations related to security.

In early 1997, the Federal Motor Safety Administration issued a statement explaining or minimizing the use of advanced technology to investigate or audit transporters. But this changed, as it was necessary to give higher priority to inspectors to enforce the safety law.

Today, the FMCSA uses advanced security technology. During an inspection or audit, the GPS and electronic log book archives all movements electronically, and this data is made available to any government agency such as the DMV, IFTA, UCR, etc., so that they have access to the information of said individual.

It is incredible how technology visits us in different fields or professions that develops. For all safety agencies, whether state or federal, it will be a great help for road safety to have greater control thanks to technology.

After several years that this technology was imposed, but its use was limited, they realized the importance of technology in the transport sector. In the case of other federal agencies, the technology has been very accepted and necessary in terms of logistics and operations.

Today the FMCSA works hand in hand with cutting edge technology making truckers more controlled.

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Date: 11/2020