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Why do truckers have to eat early?

Why do truckers have to eat early?

We know that the truckers` routine is very demanding, it takes time for them to lead a healthy life as they should, but if they manage to make small adjustments, such as trying to eat earlier, they can obtain many benefits for their health.

Many times, stopping the truck to eat when a delivery has to be made and the trucker is running late can be very difficult. But, if the truckers are organized and take their food with them, it may be easier to take a short break with the truck.

If there is a situation where time is running out, truckers should arrange to stop at a truck stop earlier than they usually do and eat quietly, giving time for a good digestion. The 6 benefits they can get from that habit are:

1- Helps to be in good shape: Digesting food at night is more difficult, therefore, both the choice of food that truckers choose, and the time they eat can take a toll on their digestion.

If truckers avoid heavier foods, adopt a more balanced diet, eating vegetables, creams or soups plus a serving of animal protein, avoid eating large plates of food and adopt an earlier time to eat, it is very possible that they will avoid gaining kilos and get eliminate those that are left over.

2- Avoid insomnia: Going to sleep with a full and very heavy stomach from having a late dinner is a factor that greatly favors insomnia. If truckers adopt a balanced diet and also eat earlier, they will have time until bedtime to digest food well, helping to have a restful sleep.

3- Favors blood pressure: If truckers dine late not only gains weight, health problems also arise, such as increased blood pressure. If blood pressure increases:
• The risk of heart problems is also increased;
• The kidneys may become weak;
• It can cause damage to eyesight, brain and circulation in the legs.

4- It benefits the metabolism: The later truckers eat, the more risks they have of developing a metabolic syndrome. By changing their eating habits, adopting a light diet and eating earlier, truckers reducs the chances of metabolic risk in addition to obtaining many benefits for their health.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2022