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What should I do if I get COVID-19 at work?

What should I do if I get COVID-19 at work?

First, you must report it to your company and receive immediate medical attention.

Why is it important to report it?

It’s important to report it immediately because this disease has shown that it can lead to death and if there is an untimely report, then it could delay the insurance decision and can even be denied if for not reported on time.

What would the benefits be?

If it were accepted by workers` compensation insurance, the benefits would be practically the same rights that a person who is injured on the job would have:

- Medical treatment
- Temporary disability benefits (which are 2/3 of your salary)
- In case of having a permanent disability, they would give you compensation for your permanent disability
- If your company could not offer you an adapted job to your permanent condition, you would have the right to receive from the insurance a voucher of $6,000.00 to go to school.

What happens if company ignores me after I report it?

We suggest that you first seek immediate medical attention and consult an attorney as soon as possible, as there are deadlines to act on the case.

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Autor: Mark Sutton, Esq.
Date: 9/2020