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Truckers, do you already practice mental fitness?

Truckers, do you already practice mental fitness?

Maintaining the brain and its cognitive abilities in top shape over the years is possible thanks to mental fitness, a solution that combines, through exercises, the muscles with the brain.

This innovative type of fitness aims to optimize the quality of life of people that tends to decrease as the years go by. Although it was initially recommended for older people, it is currently recommended for any age.

But what exactly is mental fitness?

It is a preventive training in which both the mind and the body are equally important. And that is achieved by dedicating the same amount of time for both mental and bodily activities.

As we get older, we need to keep working on the mind improvising, solving problems and memorizing to increase our brain capacity for that we have to:

- Continue studying forever - Learning about new topics and discovering new areas of knowledge favor neural activities.
- Exercise memory daily - With the advancement of technology we have allowed our frontal lobe to activate when thinking and looking for a solution in our mind. We end up quickly turning to the internet for any questions.
- Social exchange - Establishing conversations and sharing knowledge with others stimulates the brain and keeps the mind working without prolonged pauses of inactivity.
- Take advantage of moments in silence - The brain also benefits from moments without noise. You have to find a balance between silence and sound activity.
- Games and reasoning - Cognitive functions are benefited with games such as crosswords, sudoku, chess, Rubik’s cube, memory games, which mix reasoning with entertainment.
- Play sports - Physical exercises help oxygenation of the brain and improve alertness when making quick decisions, in addition to optimizing memory performance.

The trucker must choose the best time of day to quietly practice a mental fitness session that would consist of:

• Dedicate 5 minutes to stretching, dedicating 30 seconds to each performance.
• Allocate 5 to 10 minutes to do aerobic exercises such as dancing, walking, running.
• Cognitive stimulation for about 10 minutes through exercises such as those mentioned above: studying, taking advantage of the silence, talking, playing.
• Enhance body balance for 5 to 10 minutes with movement exercises such as yoga or tai chi.
• Another round of cognitive stimulation for about 10 minutes exercising memory.
• Do strength exercises, such as medicine balls or weights, for 5 to 10 minutes.
• Another round of cognitive stimulation for about 10 minutes with classical music and games.
• Stretch the body for 5 minutes.

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Date: 10/2021