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Truck drivers on the road vs the others

Truck drivers on the road vs the others

Those of us in the cargo transportation industry are well informed on safety issues. However, not all drivers are and that is why we must be much more vigilant. Unfortunately, it is common to see quads, motorcycles and other types of vehicles recklessly getting between trucks or crossing dangerously in front of them when they notice that they have to exit the freeway.

Most are unaware that with how big and heavy these vehicles are, they need a lot more distance to stop. Many accidents involving trucks and trailers end in fatalities. When we talk about stopping distance, there are many factors that combine. The first thing is the reaction time, which is the time since we detect the danger and react to it. This is estimated to take us 1.5 seconds. The advantage that truck drivers have is that when driving such large and tall vehicles they can visualize the danger in advance.

The heavier the vehicle, the more space we need to stop. We also have to be careful going down hills, as the weight increases acceleration. It is obvious that the faster we go, the more space we will need to stop. Another factor that affects us and which we must respect is the adverse conditions of the road. When we have to drive accompanied by rain, snow or ice, we must be very careful.

It is very important to check our brakes very carefully. Please check them at every inspection before and after driving. Brakes can save your life. Don`t risk it. Don`t say "hold another lap", as that could cost you too much and can very well be your last lap.

The way to avoid accidents is to exercise extreme caution when driving near a truck. Avoid driving on the driver`s blind side (if you can`t see him/her in the mirror, he/she doesn`t see you either). Keep a safe distance when you have to drive behind a truck.

Be on the lookout for drivers who make dangerous maneuvers or recklessly go off the road. Avoid slamming into the front of a truck. Have a plan B if you find yourself driving near a truck and remember to give trucks a stopping distance so they can stop safely without endangering anyone.

Ardwin Freight wishes you a happy journey.


Safety at the Wheel


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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 10/2021