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The maintenance and care of the trucker`s hands

The maintenance and care of the trucker`s hands

The hands of any truck driver suffer from the overload and demands to which they are subjected due to their profession. They are exposed to many different types of injuries that can make it impossible for truckers to do their jobs. The most common injuries are:

- Cuts
- Scratches
- Strain of the ligaments (sprain);
- Dislocation of a finger;
- Fractures
- Dryness
- Sunburn
- Injured nails

Depending on the severity of the injury, truckers should go to the doctor to make a global valuation of their situation. To recover truckers must carry out the treatment indicated by their doctor in an appropriate way.

In cases of minor injuries, truckers can perform the following rehabilitation exercises when they finish work or are waiting for a break to be get the cargo loaded or unloaded:

- Extending the fingers - Especially those that have an injury, to straighten them. Truckers must open their hands and stretch their fingers as far as they can and repeat the exercise a few times. If they do it on a straight and firm surface, they will be able to improve the result of the exercise.

- Expanding the movement – By performing repetitions of the exercise of bending the finger and then straightening it again with the help of the uninjured hand, truckers will strengthen their fingers and increase their mobility.

- Closing the fist – Truck drivers must close their hand until they have a tight fist, keep it that way for a few seconds and then open their hands again. If truckers have a therapy ball, they can use it by holding it tight. They should perform a few repetitions of the exercise.

- Separating the fingers – Truck drivers must perform a few repetitions of the exercise that consists of separating their fingers to the sides as much as they can, then joining them again.

- Squeezing a towel – Professional drivers must perform a few repetitions of the exercise that consists of squeezing a rolled-up towel with one hand and then stretching their hands.

- Massaging the hands – It`s an exercise that must be practiced with caution and great care and consists of massaging the hand with or without oil in order to increase the circulation and mobility of the hand.

- Extending the thumb – If this finger is injured, this exercise that consists of slowly moving the finger in and out while the hand is open will help a lot in its rehabilitation.

- Picking up objects – Truck drivers must position their hand like a clamp using their thumb and the injured finger and then pick up small objects such as coins, keys, buttons, etc.

Performing leisure activities such as board games, chess, puzzles or playing an instrument are other types of rehabilitation exercises that can help strengthen the motor skills of the truckers` hands. For more information consult your doctor, so you will be more aware of the care of your hands.

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Date: 9/2022