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The best lawyer for all truckers

The best lawyer for all truckers

The Law Offices of Patricio Aguirre wishes all truckers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This segment will address important issues regarding truck drivers, their trucks and other legal issues of interest to the large and important community of truck drivers every month.

This coming year will be a year where assembly bill 5, a law that wants to eradicate the independent trucker, will take on more importance as a new Federal Administration enters and maintians the federal laws that still allows the independent trucker to continue operating without having to be employed by anyone.

For many truckers, this is still the preferred way to work and earn more. But now with a democratic administration entering on January 20, 2021, there is a greater chance that federal law could change employment laws regarding independent truck drivers which can potentially cause major changes to our current workforce of self-employed truckers.

During the next year, we will keep you informed as to how this law will be implemented, which is of great importance for the Owner-Operators in the state of California. For those who still do not know what this law means, it means that all “Owners-Operators” would be reclassified for tax purposes as “employees” and not as “independent contractors”, very similar to the law that impacts Uber and Lyft drivers.

This AB5 legislation that was proposed by a member of the California Assembly, Lorena Gonzales (D), who insists that independent trucks have to be converted to employees, where they have to pay state and federal taxes (Payroll / Taxes) and Workers Compensation.

The law offices of Patricio Aguirre and specialist in Truck Affairs, Gilberto Morales promise in providing important information for all of you during this coming year.

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Date: 1/2021