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The 7 behaviors a trucker should avoid

The 7 behaviors a trucker should avoid

Many truckers have gone through some form conflict in their relationships. This is normal in interpersonal relationships due to the complexity of each individual. What truckers should keep in mind and be on the lookout for are seven types of behaviors that can end any relationship.

1- Lack of communication in the relationship
If communication in the trucker relationship is poor or non-existent, it is impossible for that union to work or last for a long time. Communication is the cornerstone of any type of relationship and poor communication can generate conflicts that are very difficult to resolve.

2- Being totally emotionally dependent on the partner
It is an unhealthy behavior; the happiness of a person should not depend on the partner or always being together. It is unfair that this is someone`s source of happiness, because in addition to putting a lot of pressure on the partner, it can cause many situations of tension and discussion.

3- Emotionally manipulate the partner
Many times, it occurs in a very subtle way. The one who suffers it does not even realize that they are being manipulated and ends up accepting the blame or responsibility for conflictive acts in the relationship because it is the only way this person knows to maintain the relationship "without problems”.

4- Being a distrustful person
A relationship without trust is neither stable nor has a future. The person who distrusts enters a cycle of looking for evidence to justify her behavior that can poison any relationship.

5- Lying, lying and lying
Being a liar in a love relationship is very harmful. There is no way a relationship can be solid and healthy if there are lies involved. Whatever the lie is.

6- Think only about themselves
Being selfish is the opposite of a couple relationship, being with someone means sharing life in all aspects. If truckers or their partner act selfishly and only think about their own ego and needs, they will hardly be successful as a couple.

7- Feel a lot of jealousy
Extremely jealous people destroy their love relationships because they act without logic and even compulsively. Such behavior puts the future of any relationship at risk.

Truckers and their partners should address these harmful behaviors by:
- Improving communication to avoid misunderstandings and have knowledge of the feelings of the other;
- Demonstrate respect towards each other, whether for their way of being or their own opinions.
- Always be affectionate, whether it’s day to day, whether returning from the road or even taking the first step in a reconciliation.


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2021