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Symptoms that indicate that the trucker`s testosterone level is very low

Symptoms that indicate that the trucker`s testosterone level is very low

This sexual hormone is mainly produced by men, although women also produce it at very low levels, and in the male case it is produced in the adrenal glands and in the testicles. Its main functions are:

  • Maintain bone and muscle mass;
  • Lower cholesterol, regulate blood cells, accelerate metabolism;
  • Production of masculine characteristics such as body hair, or tone of voice;
  • Sexual functions such as sperm production or libido (desire)

There are obvious symptoms of low testosterone levels, such as increased body fat or loss of body mass, but other symptoms can easily be mistaken for other problems.

Although the reduction in testosterone production could be related to advancing age, it could also be related to TDS (testosterone deficiency syndrome) that can occur for different reasons such as: obesity, thyroid problems, cancer in the testicles, chemotherapy, drug reaction, among others.

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Truckers:

  1. Low semen production;
  2. Erection problems;
  3. Lack of libido;
  4. Hair loss (alopecia);
  5. Problems in sperm count;
  6. Loss of bone density (osteoporosis);
  7. Problems in maintaining muscle mass;
  8. Fatigue and low energy;
  9. Reduction of the size of the testicles;
  10. Increased size of male breast tissue (gynecomastia);
  11. Increased body fat;
  12. Reduction of cognitive functions, memory and attention;
  13. Influence on mood such as anger, depression, irritability;
  14. Greater probability of suffering from anemia

If the truck driver suffers from one or more of the symptoms mentioned, the most appropriate thing to do is visit his doctor to carry out a series of tests, such as a test to measure the level of testosterone. The doctor will indicate the appropriate treatment, if the trucker`s case requires it. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising daily will help improve your mood.

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Date: 8/2022