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Optimal Tire Inflation thanks to Halo tire Inflator™

Optimal Tire Inflation thanks to Halo tire Inflator™

Having a tire under inflated is a very common problem in the trucking industry which translates to billions of dollars spent because of the rise of tread wear, tire blowouts, fuel consumption and other problems.

According to a field test performed by the U.S Department of Transportation having an optimal tire inflation means that every fleet could save about $2.400 per year with every tractor/trailer in addition to enhancing the safety and saving time.

Halo Tire Inflator™ from Aperia Technologies is great auto-inflation solution for trailers and tractors. Halo, the first standalone tire inflation technology for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, is:

- Easy to install
- Completely mechanical
- Rotational pump
- Compatible with dual or wide-base tires
- Bolt-on device
- Can be installed in 5 to 10 minutes per wheel-end
- Doesn’t require connection to an onboard compressor

The benefits of choosing Halo Tire inflator™ are:
- Reduced Tread Wear
- Fewer Blowouts
- Increased Fuel Efficiency
- Prevented Accidents
- Maximized Up-Time
- Fleet profitability
- Simplified Maintenance
- Reduced emissions
- Extender Casing Life

The steps of installation process are:

1- Check pressure and orient Halo Tire Inflator™ (left and right)
2- Test-fit Bracket for optimal hose fit
3- Install Bracket
4- Attach Halo Tire Inflator™
5- Attach Hose(s) to tire valve system
6- Attach hose(s) to Halo Tire Inflator™
7- Perform a final check

For more information about Halo Tire Inflator™ and detailed installation steps
please visit:


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2021