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New Year: Year of new fines for violation of rules

New Year: Year of new fines for violation of rules

The Department of Transportation published in January a final rule updating the civil penalty amounts that may be imposed for infractions of certain DOT regulations, including FMSCA regulations with focus on trucking-company audits.

Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015 requires to the DOT to adjust yearly the fine amounts based on inflation. According to DOT the penalty adjustments made by the rule will be applied only to infractions that happened after the rule came into effect and won’t modify previously penalties that DOT is still collecting or has collected.

Some examples of 2023 increase of FMCSA Regulation Violation Fines:

Infraction  Former penalty amount New penalty amount
Out-of-service order: Requiring or permitting operation of CMV by driver $20,719 $22,324
Failure to respond to Agency subpoena to appear and testify or produce records (maximum) $11,956 $12,882
Out-of-service order: Failure to cease operations as ordered $29,893 $32,208
Violations of Hazardous Materials Regulations and Safety Permitting Regulations (transportation or shipment of hazmat) $89,678 $96,624

To check the other fines adjustments please visit the official website for more information:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2023