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New Telematics of Carrier Transicold Refrigerated Trailers

New Telematics of Carrier Transicold Refrigerated Trailers

Carrier Transicold has been equipping the company`s most popular reefer units, Vector 800 series and the X4 series, with telematics and establishing this as a standard feature. Carrier Transicold’s telematics solution has been helping refrigerated fleets to manage and keep track of trailer assets.

Thanks to the web-based interface of the Carrier Transicold`s telematics solution, it is possible to know the status of cold chain assets. The temperature, location and movement of a trailer is visible through a centralized data stream. The platform also makes it possible to activate a remote control of the reefer unit`s configuration.

Carrier Transicold provides different service and configuration plans that could include the following benefits:
- Automated alerts of trailers` departure and arrivals from geofenced areas.
- Control of the levels of fuel, preventing incidents related to low fuel levels.
- Notifications in real time if a warning condition happens on a trailer that is in operation.
- Track and control the temperature of the unit for compliance and accountabilities.
- Enhance refrigeration unit availability thanks to uninterrupted diagnostic information about the trailers.
- Monitor deliveries and detect potential theft incidents thanks to the feature that monitors the door switch.
- Keep track of the reefer unit`s performance to gather information regarding the efficiency of the fuel and also protect the cold assets.
- Wireless transfer of information from the refrigerated trailers to a remote setpoint that makes it possible to perform pre-trip checkups, start the precooling of a trailer by the hands-free mode and much more.

Having this type of knowledge about the cold chain assets provides the refrigerated fleets that use this system the opportunity to optimize their performance and have control over equipment usage, keeping the maintenance of the units updated and in order.

For more information about the Carrier Transicold`s telematics solution and reefer units, please visit:  

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