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More days for CVSA´s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative in 2023

More days for CVSA´s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative in 2023

The three days the CVSA Human Trafficking Prevention Program, that was launched in 2022, will be increased to five days in 2023. The purpose of this program is to educate not only the CMVs drivers and motor carriers but also the law enforcement officers and also the general public about this terrible problem. The initiative will instruct them on how to detect signals and suspect if a person is being trafficked.

During 2022 the CVSA has reported:
- The participation of 2,460 individual law enforcement officers/troopers/inspectors;
- 163 events that could indicate human trafficking were reported;
- 6,355 window decals were distributed;
- 13,274 wallet cards were distributed;
- 1,818 presentations were given;
- 640 media were present.

Canada, Mexico and the United States intend to participate. To capitalize on each country`s already-established Human Trafficking Awareness Day, CVSA scheduled its initiative to align with that day in each country:
• United States: Jan. 9-13, 2023
• Canada: Feb. 20-24
• Mexico: March 13-17

Training materials were developed and available for industry and law enforcement use. In addition, CVSA worked with TAT to provide an online order form for jurisdiction members to order TAT wallet cards and/or window decals, which are now available year-round.

Please visit CVSA`s official website for more information:

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Date: 12/2022