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Last 2021 Roadcheck put many truckers out of service

Last 2021 Roadcheck put many truckers out of service

From May 4 to May 6, about 40,000 CMVs were inspected during the CVSA 2021 International Roadcheck and 6,710 vehicles were put out of service and 2,080 drivers were left off the road due to not having their truck mechanically ready on time and not complying with CSVA’s requirements, despite being informed months in advance.

Prior to the Roadcheck, CSVA highlighted two categories to be aware for the vehicles’ inspections: lighting and HOS (hours of service) but many drivers still failed on lighting criteria. 1,367 of the vehicles (14,1%) were put out of service because of lighting infractions. Lighting was the third most cited infraction, tires the second and brake systems occupied the first place.

Those infractions are easily detected and corrected during a pre and post trip inspection. Many drivers failed on that and the Roadcheck results shows that. It’s advisable that drivers dedicate the time to perform these inspections correctly not only for Roadcheck periods but for the general well-being of the truck. It will be safer for the driver, the road and vehicle part’s lifespan.

Top 5 infractions related to vehicles were:
1- Brake system (2,564 vehicles)
2- Tires (1,804 vehicles)
3- Lights (1,367 vehicles)
4- Brake adjustments (1,203 vehicles)
5- Cargo Securement (1,192 vehicles)

Regarding drivers’ infractions, hours of service was the most cited infraction. 1,203 drivers were put out of service (41,5% of the inspected drivers). Most of those infractions were related to ELDs because many of those inspected devices didn’t have a third-party certification, which can mean not complying with ELD mandate requirements. Requesting to ELDS providers a third-party validation is something that every fleet should insist.

Top 5 infractions related to drivers were:
1- HOS (1,203 drivers)
2- Wrong Class license (565 drivers)
3- Other (482 drivers)
4- False logs (427 drivers)
5- Suspended license (132 drivers)

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Date: 9/2021