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How many sexual relations should truckers have to be a happy couple?

How many sexual relations should truckers have to be a happy couple?

That false belief that the more sex you have the happier you are is false. Although sexual relations are essential for a healthy relationship as a couple, there are many factors that must be taken into account to assess how a couple is doing in this regard, and the amount of sex is not the most important criterion.

Truckers and their partners should keep in mind that intercourse and the lack of it function as a kind of relationship thermometer. When the couple lives arguing or does not have sexual relations for weeks or months because the trucker is tired or is traveling for many days, this may indicate that there are problems in the relationship. Not by the number of sexual intercourse but by the frequency.

Professors at the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada conducted studies with the aim of identifying how much sex would be necessary for a person to be happy. The director of the research, Amy Muise, carried out three studies to verify if the couples who were happy were the ones who had sex more frequently.

In her first study, long-term surveys on sexual habits were carried out on approximately 30,000 people over 23 years. Respondents had to answer the number of sexual relations they practiced per week and their state of happiness. The conclusions were very evident, having a loving relationship that is very sexual and passionate is not a synonym for happiness.

According to the study, relationships benefit as the frequency with which sex is practiced increases, but when the number of 1 sexual relationship per week is reached, the level of happiness does not grow
further. Whether it`s two, three, or four sexual relations a week, this will not mean that people are happier or love relationships are stronger.

It is a very important factor for a relationship as a couple, but it is not the most decisive. It benefits physical well-being, but it does not immediately translate into an increase in a person`s level of happiness. Although in the case of couples having sex at least once a week makes them happier than in the case of singles, that does not mean that they are more or less happy for that same reason.

The second and third study of her corroborated these data. According to the researcher and director of the studies, Amy Muise, couples should not be obsessed with the number of sexual relations they practice. It is important that they have a sexual connection, but with realistic expectations.

The day to day of people is very demanding, setting a very high expectation at a sexual level can be dangerous. If the truckers manage to have one sexual encounter per week with their partner, it seems to be ideal, but if they don`t, they don`t have to martyr themselves, they need look for ways to improve the sexual connection and the time they spend together.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2022