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Goodyear Introduces New Truck Tire Monitoring Service

Goodyear Introduces New Truck Tire Monitoring Service

The Goodyear Company introduced a new tire monitoring service for truck fleets called Goodyear Tire Management. This system combines their unbeatable insights, service capabilities and tire monitoring in addition to the possibility of customization for the necessity of each truck fleet.

By using this complete suite of products, fleets companies can deal with their daily business operations and leave the responsibility of monitoring the tires to Goodyear, since the solution provides detailed and actionable data to request tire service if is necessary.

At the moment, Goodyear Tire Management’s focus is on the following products:

1- Goodyear CheckPoint: It is a drive-over reader device that deliver automatic examinations of tread depth and tire pressure. Usually, this device is placed at the fleet yard entrance and works scanning trucks that pass by over it. If any problem that requires attention is detected an alert is triggered to inform to the fleet maintenance. A large number of trucks can be examined while tire health snapshots are frequently made.
2- Goodyear TireReady: It is subscription solution that can be customized according to any truck fleet needs. With this program the life span of a tire can be managed and optimized from the moment of buying new tires. By using this solution fleets can let the focus of their vehicles’ tires on Goodyear’s hands while they take care of their daily business.
3- Goodyear TPMS Plus: It is a solution that is positioned directly on the vehicle and inspects the conditions of the tires in real time. This device allows the fleet companies to detect critical problems like high temperatures and air leaks. By the other hand, gives predictive tire maintenance data to help decrease problems with the tires in the road.
4- Goodyear Tire Optix: It is a digital examination toolset that support the fleets to find crucial conditions related to tread depth, tire pressure and tire wear. It works fast, very accurate and provides notifications and comprehensive inspections results in real time. It’s the perfect solution for having knowledge of the tire performance for a long time.

For more information about Goodyear Tire Management please visit:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2021