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Extreme Caution on the road

Extreme Caution on the road

Between the months of October to December, the presence of deer and elk increases due to the breeding and hunting season, and it is also the harvest season. Colliding with these animals, especially moose due to their size, is very dangerous and usually causes very severe damage to vehicles. For this reason, we ask you to be alert, since statistically this season accidents involving these animals increase. We want to share the following tips that we hope will be useful:

  • Pay close attention to warning signs: Collisions occur most often in elk or deer habitat, such as wooded areas and rivers. In these areas you will often see these warning signs.
  • Driving at high speed is a very bad idea: Do not exceed the posted speed limits. If you are driving a truck, we recommend that you slow down so that you have more time to carry out an evasive maneuver in an unexpected situation.
  • Drive defensively: be prepared to maneuver and slow down suddenly. If it is safe, lower the lights that blind the animals` vision and disorient them.
  • Observe your surroundings: Look to your sides constantly trying to capture any sign of the presence of these animals. Observe the sides of the road, the ditches, the intersections of the roads, try to catch signs of movement, flash of eyes, the silhouette or shadow of these animals.
  • Be more alert at dusk and dawn: Deer are usually more active at these times and these are precisely the hours when we have little visibility. If you see a deer, do not think that it is alone, these animals usually move in groups.
  • Drive carefully at night: Use your high beams when safe and do not blind oncoming drivers. Make sure your glass is very clean so you can see clearly. Look to the sides to see if you can detect the brightness of the eyes of these animals.
  • Slow down if you detect that other drivers are acting strangely: If you see emergency lights, the sound of the horn or vehicles that move from side to side, this can be a sign of the presence of animals.
  • Be alert even when you are close to the city: Do not let your guard down, these animals also enter cities in search of food. Keep in mind that the sound of the horn, the emergency lights terrify the animal, stun it and most likely, instead of getting out of your way, it will do the exact opposite and come towards you. These animals are well known for ramming parked or moving vehicles regardless of the size of the vehicle.
  • If you suddenly come across a deer in front of you, brake firmly. Don`t move or get out of your line. Many times, accidents occur not from hitting the animal, but from trying to avoid it, hitting another vehicle or leaving the road. The best strategy is to drive defensively and go slowly so as not to collide with these animals and have enough time and space to brake in a timely manner.

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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 11/2022