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Do you know the technique to fall asleep in seconds?

Do you know the technique to fall asleep in seconds?

Trouble falling asleep is something that many truckers complain about, either because they are so stressed after spending the day driving on the highway or because they are so tired from a long day of work that they cannot settle down to sleep.

Sleeping and resting well is essential to stay healthy and continue working with disposition. Truckers who have trouble falling asleep can apply a technique developed at Harvard University by Dr. Andrew Weil to fall asleep effectively.

Main keys before starting:
- Practice breathing in a relaxing way;
- Not having consumed stimulants, such as coffee;
- Go to bed early to favor the sleep cycle

According to Doctor Weil, his technique favors reaching a state of relaxation. A trucker who reaches that state of relaxation will be able to fall asleep faster. Before beginning the exercise, truck drivers must place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, very close to the row of upper teeth. Then they must repeat the following exercise and steps 4 times:

1- Exhale the air completely through the mouth until the breath ends up sounding like a whistle;
2- Close their mouth and inhale silently through their nose while mentally counting to number 4.
3- Hold their breath mentally counting to the number 7;
4- Exhale completely through the mouth while mentally counting to the number 8 and the expulsion of air begins to sound like a whistle;
5- Inhale again, repeating the exercise 3 more times.

It is very likely that the trucker will fall asleep immediately after finishing the exercise and in some cases even during the exercise. Although there is no objection about the position to be adopted to practice this relaxation technique, Dr. Weil recommends lying on your back because that way it will make breathing easier.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2023