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Control your tires and weight of your cargo from your cabin

Control your tires and weight of your cargo from your cabin

Stoughton’s trailers will be equipped with smart trailer technology, AirBoxOne, thanks to the partnership between Dr?v Technologies and Stoughton Trailers, presented in TMC 2021.

This technology, that runs with three different energy sources, auxiliary power, a backup battery and solar charging, for redundancy matters so there is always power and it never stops working, has the ability to control and manage so many elements of the trailer. The main highlights of AirBoxOne are:

• Electronical tire pressure monitoring based on trailer load
• Connects to rear cameras as well as to the cargo
• Reads trailer sensors connecting to the driver, cameras and tire pressure
• Ability to detect wheel temperature, weight of the load as well as potential breaches in security using ultrasonic integrated sensors.
• Monitors brakes performance

Fleets receive alerts with changes that happen in real time, based on the monitoring done by the sensors that has been previously configured with AirBoxOne. Another highlight is the way these alerts sent. Using a cloud-based transmissions to previously authorized web users that then are delivered to fleets with a specific API. Then the driver receives notifications through mobile app alerts regarding anything detected, either brakes, tire pressure or any other potential issues or warnings.

If you want to know more about this technology, please visit AirBoxOne by Drov’s website:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2022