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Check your trailer`s cargo without opening its doors

Check your trailer`s cargo without opening its doors

Fleets can take a look in real time at the load carried on their trailers thanks to enhancement of optical imaging tech on the FleetLocate system provided Spireon. The company, leader on North America in regards of aftermarket telematics solutions, such GPS devices and sensors, has improved the cargo sensing technology of its IntelliScan, launched in 2018.

Spireon revealed at TCA Truckload 2020 Conference the upgraded version of IntelliScan technology, that now includes with Image Capture and Retrieval based on company’s Intelligent Trailer Management platform. Spireon assures 99.9% accuracy to detect cargo, thanks to match between laser-time-of-flight sensing and optical imaging.

Fleets’ efficiency will increase and ROI will be improved by having knowledge of the cargo is safe and properly loaded. By just clicking a button that it is available in the user interface of the FleetLocate system, truck fleets will have access to a live image from interior of the trailer.

It is possible to select one trailer or multiples trailers to check the images of the cargo on the interior of the trailer. This competence provided this feature will optimize the management and relationship between transportation companies and drivers because by using IntelliScan Image Capture and Retrieval, fleet companies will be able to:

- Ensures that a trailer is empty before a new pickup is scheduled;
- Increase shipper procedures regarding proof of load and proof of unload;
- Enhance detention billing precision;
- Raise the safety of their workers by having information about any movements of the loaded cargo before the driver opens the truck’s door.
- Reduce damages related to the cargo and boost company’s efficiency by identifying incorrect loading;
- Address any claims with confidence by presenting images with the time stamped to demonstrate if does exist or not damages in the cargo or trailer.
- Recuperate robbed cargo and support prosecution with documentation with the time stamped.

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Edic.: 160
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2020