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Carrier Transicold provides a powerful  platform for trucking

Carrier Transicold provides a powerful platform for trucking

The eSolutions telematics platform offered by Carrier Transicold, keeps remotely tracked refrigerated trailers and trucks, and has a web-based dashboard that allows to have a quick view of the fleet regarding different criteria such as movement, vital fuel levels or refrigeration system operating mode.

This fundamental information makes it possible for refrigerated transporters to make the best decision regarding the cold chain assets in addition to deliver important data about cargo and the transport refrigeration units (TRU).

This fleet intelligence named by the company as TRU IQ not only gives access to crucial data like location, movement and temperatures of refrigerated assets, but it also supplies diagnostics and analytics information about the fleets units equipped by Carrier Transicold refrigeration.

Another outstanding feature offered by the eSolutions platform is enhanced Geofencing, which generates personalized automatic notifications by text and email to inform when a refrigeration units depart or arrive from customer locations.

The live map mode provided by the platform has filters that give managers the option of select specific criteria of the units, for example vehicles running in frozen mode. With the zoom in option, it’s possible to check detailed data of each unit such direction, operation and movement.

The eSolutions telematics platform can be factory or dealer installed and is optimized to work in 4G cellular networks. For more information, please visit:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2021