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California has funds to replace your old truck by a zero-emission truck

California has funds to replace your old truck by a zero-emission truck

A funding of around $9 million from the Volkswagen Mitigation Program, regarding the Zero-Emission Class 8 Freight and Port Drayage Trucks category, is available for the owners of trucks through the California`s South Coast Air Quality Management District in order to replace their diesel trucks by zero-emission vehicles.

This fund is available across the state in order of arrival and, in the case of non-government companies, it will cover over 75% of the price of replacement, up to $200,000, of an existing diesel truck by a new truck (zero emission model).

Projects and applicants qualified for the funding:
- Public and private companies that are owners-operators of eligible vehicles
- Class 8 vehicles:
• Concrete Mixers
• Freight Trucks (Drayage Trucks included)
• Dump Trucks
• Waste Haulers

Basic Project Requirements:

Ownership: Proof of ownership for at least one year.
Operation: Operate old and new vehicle at least 75% of the time within California.
Scrapping: Existing vehicle must be scrapped.
Replacement: New vehicle must be a zero-emission vehicle.
Certification: New vehicle must be certified or verified by CARB.
Funding cap per entity: 10% ($2.7 million)
Reporting: Applicants granted an award must submit annual usage reports for the term of the contract.

The owners of trucks, who are interested in taking advantage of this funding, will need the following to apply:

- Copy of title (no lienholder)
- Existing and new vehicle/engine information
- Photos and documentation supporting existing vehicle/engine
- Vendor quote for new vehicle
- 12 months of vehicle registration documentation
- 12 months of insurance documentation
- 12 months of records showing odometer readings
- 4 required business documents

For more information, please visit Volkswagen Mitigation Program`s official website:

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Date: 9/2022