Big Savings in Sleep Apnea Treatment

This finding was provided by a study performed by Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics of Harvard Medical School that was published in the SLEEP medical journal. According to the study, the employees who join in a sleep apnea treatment program provided by their employer, which consists of screening, diagnosis and treatment, provide important savings regarding health expenses to the company thanks to the employees’ health insurance claim costs.

The study compared 1,200 CMVs truckers who suffer from sleep apnea and were diagnosed thanks to the sponsored program provided by their employers with other health claims during a period of four years.

The comparison showed that the truck drivers who joined the CPAP (positive airway pressure) treatment for their sleep apnea issue economized about $441 per month for their companies compared to drivers who didn’t received sleep apnea treatment but reported other health costs.

Taking care of the health of truckers with sleep apnea problems saves money to the fleet because poor quality of sleep can provoke other medical problems, such as neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. Besides that, if the trucker is not well-rested the risk to cause a preventable accident are 5 times higher.

Edic.: 149
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2019