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Bet on the best option for spare parts

Bet on the best option for spare parts

We know that all truckers and small fleets take their trucks to mechanical workshops where they will be repaired, but before the service, the workshop must present an estimate of the repair costs and inform the customer if they want new, rebuilt or aftermarket parts. This provides an intensive decision the customer must make.

Once the customer approves, the workshop immediately gets to work on the truck have it ready and back on the road as soon as possible. For a trucker or a transportation company, it’s much more convenient that the workshop takes care of getting the spare parts since the workshop has connections and contacts to acquire everything right away, making the process faster.

Some truckers don`t know and lose time and money asking questions and going place to place, typically ending in poor results. Every trucker likes to save money, especially during a pandemic. But it’s recommended that every truck owner ask their mechanic what is best for them and find out what type of brand and spare parts the mechanic is putting on their truck. This will help owners know whether or not the spare part should be good enough to be used again in the future.

Next, we will share small tips that some mechanics gave us on how to successfully choose (spare) parts for a truck:

1- If you decide to buy an original dealer replacement

You must make sure that this part is original from the factory and has a warranty. Many truck owners decide to spend more to get a good result on the job. Talk to your mechanic, many of these workshops receive a discount when you buy parts which they can improve the cost of repairs. Consult with your mechanic.

2- It’s important to know the price of the original, rebuilt or aftermarket parts

It’s very important to know prices so you can make a good decision and make the vehicle achieve high performance. However, for some truckers, saving some money by buying more affordable products is an option to get back on the road as soon as possible.

3- Verify the compatibility and quality of the part

Keep in mind that with replacements, the truck should work as well as it was working previously. Choose a workshop with a good reputation regarding their services and replacement parts. The most important thing is that they give you a guarantee for every job they do on your truck. There are some aftermarket truck parts that work well but there are others that cannot be used at all and only require an original part.

4- Check the warranty of the part

Generally, all mechanic shops give a guarantee for every job. The warranty time varies depending on the type of part or replacement that you have authorized. If it’s original, you have the longest warranty. If it’s aftermarket, the warranty is shorter. If it is rebuilt the warranty is very short. But at the very least, we know that any decision we make will be guaranteed.




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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 9/2020