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A new software to optimize the delivery and collection of cargo

A new software to optimize the delivery and collection of cargo

A software that generates optimized pick-up and delivery routes for irregular route delivery fleets was developed by Carrier Logistics. By using Carrier Logistics FACTS software module trucking fleet operators can discover the solution for the complicated situation of figuring out which deliveries need to be loaded onto each truck, and the sequence they should be loaded.

The software provides:
- Completely optimized route plans;
- Predicted traffic;
- Appointment time windows;
- Commercial vehicle routing

By using this module, the time to generate P&D routes will decrease in daily basis thanks to the ability of the system to create routes for the all deliveries from every terminal in a period of three to five minutes. Making possible to load the deliveries on the trailers earlier.

The president of CLI, Ben Wiesen, stated: “Full terminal optimization means being able to very quickly and automatically have every shipment for every customer at every terminal planned for the right trailer in the right sequence,”.

Wiesen also affirmed: “That is precisely what our new state-of-the-art routing logic and planning optimization solution does. It uses AI technology to support the complex operations of our trucking clients so they can service their customers more efficiently while reducing service failures and lowering costs.”.

For more information about Carrier Logistics FACTS software module, please visit the official website:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2023