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A great generation of Volvo`s trucks

A great generation of Volvo`s trucks

Volvo Trucks has an excellent new generation of trucks, such as Volvo VNL300, VNL400, VNL740, VNL760, VNL860, VNR300, VNR640, VNX and VHD. The company aims to be the best business partner for its clients by providing an excellent working tool, thus making transport companies more competitive. Volvo’s new trucks will help reduce fuel costs and make drivers work safer and more productive.

Some notable features of Volvo`s heavy truck range:

  • Completely new cabins on VNL models:
    • Its VNL models are designed to work and assist the driver, providing great visibility and good performance for both long and short routes. In addition to being a refined product thanks to the designers, who sought inspiration in F1 motor racing, combining function and form.
    • The VNL400, VNL740, VNL760, and VNL860 offer redesigned and optimized workspaces with more convenience, with the goal of truck control being carried by the trucker.
    • The seats are ergonomically optimized. Drivers feel at home on the road.
    • Truckers have a control panel at their fingertips that allows them, among other adjustments, to set the cooling and heating of the berth, to close the doors and also the blinds.
    • An integrated telescopic ladder is now offered on VNL models. Making it easier to get in and out of the upper bunk bed. And the ladder stows behind the cabinet when not in use.
    • Volvo designed an optional steering solution so that it is the correct height and angle for who is driving the vehicle. With a three-way neck tilt, drivers have a variety of options to position the steering wheel exactly where they want.
    • The company is proud to offer the world`s first integrated reclining bunk bed. The trucker can adjust the bunk as if it were in his own chair.
  • Latest generation LED Headlight Systems
    • Volvo employs LED bulbs in all lighting on the outside of the truck, helping to increase visibility and decrease maintenance. All models are equipped with LED high/low beam headlights as well as LED turn signals, parking lights and position lights.
    • The premium headlamp also features a "signature" LED daytime running light.

There are many more functions available in Volvo`s heavy truck range. For more information on this, please visit:


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2020