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The Main Advantages of Using Telematics for Truck Fleets

The Main Advantages of Using Telematics for Truck Fleets

 Fleet companies gain many benefits with the use of telematics on their company besides of only tracking vehicles. Thanks to robust telematic solutions companies can monitor extensively the operational factors related to their fleet and can visualize the direct benefits of using telematics the following areas:

1- Compliance

Telematics technology helps to remove truck drivers paperwork while complying with the different regulations from the DOT and FMSCA across the United States.

2- Productivity
Telematics technology increases the productivity of every fleet company because facilitates the truckers daily routine by automating manual processes with intuitive software. By using telematics, the way fleets dispatch and prepare their routes is easier thanks to:

- Optimized and planned routes based on different aspects such: driver, calendar constraints, vehicle, customer.
- Ability to change the route if there is an accident, the weather changes or any incident in the road is detected

3- Fuel Consumption:
This area is where most of fleet companies spent their money, by knowing how to decrease this expense has a positive impact in the total costs. This is possible because by using telematics fleet managers are able to detect through detailed data the main areas related to fuel usage that need special attention such:

- Unproductive idling
- Vehicle maintenance
- Speeding
- Aggressive driving
- Out-of-route driving

4- Safety:
Every fleet company needs to pay special attention to this area and with the help of telematics solutions companies are able to fight major contributors of incidents in the road, maintenance issues and driving behaviors, by:

- Creating safety notifications related to drive behavior while driving;
- Using integrated video telematics to gather crucial information to protect fleet vehicles and truck drivers while on the road;
- Having knowledge of the health of each vehicle by notifications and reminders regarding usage time, engine hours, distances, battery, etc.
- Using navigation to get the best route and instructions to arrive to the delivery destination

5- Maintenance
Fleet managers are able to plan their vehicles maintenance and also be aware of unexpected problems related to vehicles maintenance with telematics help by:

- Scheduling maintenance notifications;
- Tracking the health of the vehicle (tire pressure, fluid levels, oil temperatures, etc.);
- Detecting problems before it’s too late and an expensive problem happens.

By using telematics fleets operation is faster and better enforced, less fuel can be spent, there are more attention to details, the vehicles, drivers and the road are safer while meeting the transportation regulations. All of these conditions translate to better operations and more satisfied customers.


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