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Is your truck ready for the winter season?

Is your truck ready for the winter season?

Truck drivers, you still have time to get your heavy vehicles prepared for the coldest season of the year. There a lot to parts to be checked but if you start now a meticulous inspection of your truck you will ready to deal with the challenges in the road provoked by the winter. That´s why we prepare the following checklists:

1- Verify the Air System:
a) Drain air tanks daily, especially the wet tank;
b) Remove restrictions and kinks from system plumbing;
c) Replace air hoses that look dry or old.

2- Check Starting and Charging Components:
a) Perform load tests of the batteries and substitute the ones that aren´t working anymore;
b) Test starter output and alternators;
c) Visually check cable runs and wiring connections;
d) Keep the battery terminal ports clean
e) Apply protectant at the battery terminal ports;
f) Verify the trailer pigtail

3- Inspect the fuel tanks:
a) Verify if there is water at the fuel tanks;
b) Be prepared to replace fuel filters

4- Inspect the engine:
a) Use engine coolant to avoid rust inhibitors and also freeze points;
b) Perform test of pressure to detect if there are any leaks in the system;
c) Check the hoses to know their operating condition;
d) Adjust all hose clamps

5- Check that the parts inside the cab are working perfectly:
a) Mirrors heaters;
b) Doors;
c) Heater-defroster fan;
d) Window seals to prevent air leaks;
e) Put antifreeze lube spray at the locks of the doors
f) Inspect the exhaust system looking for under-cab leaks

6- Inspect all your tires:
a) Regularly verify the air pressure of your tires before start driving during the winter;
b) Inspect tires wear and condition but it´s advisable to buy new tires at the beginning of the winter, since new tires can give more traction than old tires;
c) Check the tire chains, should be avoided if there are signs of damage, wear and corrosion at these parts.
d) Don´t forget the maintenance of the fifth-wheel locking mechanism, keep it clean without dirty and old grease, which during colder seasons makes difficult to attach or release the wheel.

7- Inspect Chassis and the Cab:
a) Check your chassis to make sure it is not broken.
d) Check that in your cabin you have everything you need to be on the road.

Happy New Year´s Eve to everyone, we wish a prosperous New Year.

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