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How to Avoid fine for Overweight Trucks

How to Avoid fine for Overweight Trucks

In addition to the mechanical problems related to an overweight truck, such as excess consumption of fuel, damage to the axle, increased wear and tear, and the truck driver´s safety, this overweight can also lead to financial losses to fleet companies or owners-operators because of the potential of high fines.
Every trucker, owner-operator or lease owner should ensure the safety of their heavy vehicles and try to avoid high fines. That´s why, we will share some tips to help you keep your vehicle´s cargo under the weight limit:
1- Have the Cargo Secured
It´s crucial to thoroughly check if the cargo is completely secured and the weight is evenly distributed every time the trucker goes to the road. If the cargo is not properly secured with ties, containers and tarps can pose a risk, since the load may move while the trucker is driving and result in damage to the axles of the truck or trailer.
2- Own a Truck Scale
This, in no way means, you have to carry large, cumbersome machines that are difficult to use. Nowadays, there is a convenient system that can be connected to the trailer to weight the size of the cargo. The trucker can view it from their cabin and it can help them verify the cargo weight before any trip, making it possible to remove or add weight if is necessary. It will also prevent the trucker from being totally vulnerable before the customers affirmation regarding their cargo weight. Truck drivers will be able to reduce the risk of having an overweight cargo by double checking the weight with their own truck scale.
3- Consider the Weight of the Fuel
Although it sounds so obvious, it is one of the most common things that truckers forget. Knowing the weight of the fuel can help to calculate the cargo´s extra weight. By knowing the weight of a heavy vehicle´s full tank in advance, you can facilitate every calculation of truck´s cargo weight.
4- Plan the Delivery Route Beforehand
This planning will enhance truck driver´s safety, decrease stress while driving and also prevent high fines related to overweight. If the truckers know in advance every truck stop they have to make, it will prevent them from filling up their gas tanks to the maximum, which can add extra weight to the vehicle.

5- Maintain the Shipper Informed About It

If you suspect the weight limit of the cargo is surpassed, the best preventative measure is to contact the shipper regarding any suspicion of overweight. They might be interested in taking care of the situation, pay the overweight truck fines or even consider the possibility of getting an overweight permit if the vehicle is expected to exceed the weight limit frequently.

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