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8 problems to avoid to have a good sexual desire

8 problems to avoid to have a good sexual desire

With the passage of time, many couples begin to have problems in their intimacy, but they do not know how to identify the reason for this lack of sexual desire. Next, we will explain the 8 factors that favor this reduction in libido:

1- Medications:
The consumption of strong medications can have consequences in the lives of truckers such as tiredness, fatigue, nausea. Consequently, the sexual desire is reduced. Other medications such as antidepressants or antihistamines could favor a decrease in libido as a side effect.

2- Traumatic experiences
Experiencing an unpleasant situation can generate a trauma in the lives of truckers that will surely have consequences on their mood, losing the level of sexual desire. Especially if that trauma happened during intimacy.

3- Stress
Truckers who are experiencing stressful situations, due to work or financial problems, may feel the consequences in their sexual lives. In the case of male truckers, unlike women, stress causes their testosterone levels to drop and their cortisol levels to rise.

4- Lack of rest
Not sleeping or not getting adequate rest have consequences sooner or later for a trucker who drives 48 states. It is very difficult to have an orderly routine, since the time change in different states causes a trucker not to sleep at the exact time or eat at the indicated time. Poor sleep translates into anxiety, stress and fatigue that consequently affect any relationship as a couple and influences the lack of sexual desire.

5- Excessive alcohol consumption
Consuming alcohol excessively also has negative effects on lowering libido. The false myth that alcoholic beverages are aphrodisiacs can confuse more than one truck driver, since erotic desire is very different from the act itself of consummating sexual intercourse with an orgasm. In other words, avoid having a beer on a weekend.

6- low self-esteem
The mental health of truckers is very important for any aspect of their lives and that includes sexual areas as well. If that person has insecurity problems or has a very low self-esteem, it will be difficult for her to live a love relationship fully and her sexual desire will also end up affected.

7- Monotony
The routine in a couple relationship, if you do not take care of it over time, it gradually loses the euphoria and passion, either by one person’s part or by the other one’s side. With reduced euphoria the libido is also reduced. You have to be creative to keep the flame of passion in a couple, remember that it is the work of two.

8- Bad diet
A poor and unbalanced diet will favor a lack of vitamins and minerals that can cause tiredness and fatigue and the reduction of testosterone in the body, directly influencing the reduction of sexual desire. It is recommended that you take care of your diet to prevent sexual desire from being reduced. Today, they can already buy fruit and salad at truck stops.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2021