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8 Causes of Reduced Sex Desire in Truck Drivers

8 Causes of Reduced Sex Desire in Truck Drivers

Sexual desire is not a spontaneous sensation, on the contrary, it depends a lot on the physical and emotional state of the truck driver and being healthy favors having a pleasant sexual life. Reduced sexual desire is not the same as complete loss of sexual desire, something that can happen for a variety of reasons in relationships. The decrease in libido is related to external or physical factors, the 8 main factors are:

1- Monotony – When meeting a person there is a lot of passion and euphoria, it is normal for these feelings to decrease over time. So that the relationship does not fall into monotony, the couple must communicate very well and try new experiences in intimacy where both are comfortable.

2- Consume medications – If truckers are undergoing medical treatment, it is possible that they suffer from the side effects of those medications, such as reduced libido. If this is the case, the truck drivers should talk to their doctor.

3- Stress – Truckers` day is stressful. Driving a truck for many hours and being alert not to get involved in an accident, dealing with many reckless behaviors of other drivers, looking for suitable places to park the truck and delivering a shipment on time are some of the reasons that make the day of a trucker be stressful. Although truckers may feel like having sex, stress reduces their hormone levels, lowering their sexual desire.

4- Lack of self-esteem – If the truck driver does not feel self-confident, has low self-esteem, it will be very difficult for a love relationship to work, both in the field of emotional connection and in the physical and sexual aspect. The truckers who feel like this should seek the professional help of a psychologist to feel good about themselves and allow to be loved as they deserve.

5- Excessive consumption of alcohol – A life with excesses has consequences, in the case of excessive alcohol consumption it is no different. Although the initial feeling when drinking is of a certain urge to have sex, if alcohol is consumed frequently the trucker may feel fatigued and in the case of men, they may have erectile dysfunction.

6- Not sleeping well – A body that does not rest properly, as happens with many truckers, is fatigued, accumulates stress and anxiety. Making it very difficult to feel sexual desire and enjoy moments of intimacy.

7- A poor diet – Truck drivers often have to consume unhealthy foods that they find on the road. This behavior has consequences on their health and their state of fatigue. A balanced diet favors hormonal levels.

If you have these symptoms, we recommend that you visit your GP to follow the appropriate treatment.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2022