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5 ways to improve the quality of time as a couple

5 ways to improve the quality of time as a couple

If even people who live together 365 days a year have difficulty finding quality time to spend as a couple, it`s much more difficult for truckers who spend hours and even days away from home. But if they follow some of the following tips, they can optimize the period of time they are at home, no matter how short they are, they can be of quality.

1- They must ensure that any moment as a couple must be of quality – It s very likely that trucker in their weekly routine don`t find the necessary time to go out for an appointment with their partner. But if they think that any time together can be good to have a good conversation, be close to each other, caress, show affection, it could save their marriage.

2- Create routines – Although for some truckers it`s difficult to know what routes they will take each day and how much free time they will have, if they at least know for sure that some moments will be available for their family and their partner they should share it to establish a routine for that moment.

For example, if truckers know that they usually have Sunday off, they should try to create a routine that eat with the family or as a couple on Sundays, no matter what. Whether in a restaurant or in the warmth of their home. Or make a habit of having a video call moment when they are on the road.

Setting aside time for a date per month will also favor and strengthen the relationship, because they are moments of relaxation to enjoy each other`s company, without thinking about obligations.

3- Leave out the distractions – The separate moments for an appointment or conversation are to enjoy the company of the couple, ideally, they aren`t interrupted, such as, for example, by mobile phones. If this moment was separated and chosen to be together, you have to be present in body and mind and pay attention to what the other person has to say. Full attention at this moment, even if it translates into a smile or a caress, will make this moment worth a lot.

4- Have in-depth conversations – This isn`t the time to just talk about day-to-day issues, such as the weather, food, children. It`s the perfect opportunity to be vulnerable, to talk about dreams for the future, worries, what is exciting, fears. be true and the same, on the contrary, to listen actively and empathically with the couple, showing affection, support, presence and validating the feelings of the other.

5- Choose stimulating activities for the moment as a couple – It`s true that any moment spent with presence can be quality if there is commitment from both parties, but if it`s possible to make fun plans for that moment as a couple it will be more stimulating, more special and memorable. This is how beautiful and unforgettable memories will be added together.

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Date: 1/2023