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The Dirty Fantasy of Kanye West

The Dirty Fantasy of Kanye West

The rapper made public a new track named “XTCY” where he revealed trough some verses a confession, his sick thoughts about his sisters-in-law. Apparently, the singer can imagine himself having sexual relations with any one of Kim’s four sisters.

His “confession” provoked a great reaction in internet, with funny memes and tweets. If it is true or not we do not know for sure, but he wrote about it, maybe to bring up some hot topic, or because he really has some dirty thoughts about Kourtney, Khlóe, Kendall and Kylie. What about Kris Jenner? Does he have any dirty thoughts about the mother of these beauties too?

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Edic.: 135
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2018