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What A Headache It Is To Drive In The City

What A Headache It Is To Drive In The City

There are many truckers who can say they like driving in the city, especially during rush hours. In addition, the lack of knowledge on the part of the drivers of smaller vehicles on many safety issues, such as blind spots, stopping distance, the space needed to turn in a street, the trajectory of the trailer when turning, etc., make driving in the city a real headache for many truckers.

The first thing you should do when driving in the city is to lower your stress level. You must plan your trip so that you arrive on time to deliver or pick up your cargo. There are many drivers who mainly rely on distance to calculate the time they need to get to their appointment without considering other factors, such as traffic, weather, mechanical problems, roadside inspections, etc. This is a serious mistake since, in many cases, overlooking these factors might hinder their ability to arrive on time for their appointments. This will generate stress that could affect your health if this becomes a habit. If some situations arise that are going to delay your arrival at an appointment, you should stay in communication with your company.

If you are going to the center of a large city, we recommend that you call ahead to find out where you can park overnight. If it is possible for you to avoid going to the city during peak traffic hours, you should do so since driving in these conditions is a real nightmare and can expose you to a higher risk of accidents due to the recklessness of other drivers. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid driving in these conditions as much as possible.

Another very useful tool is to use Google Maps to get directions to the place where you need to go and visualize the street, entrances, parking, and other difficulties you could face so that you have time to arrive at the place with a plan. With the incorporation of ELD, it`s much more convenient to get to the place where you are going to unload and get rest for 10 hours so that you may be able to continue working after delivery.

If the destination is in a difficult part of town for a truck and trailer to maneuver, you should plan to arrive in the early hours of the morning to avoid peak traffic hours as much as possible. Certainly, no matter how much you plan, there will be situations that you might not be able to avoid, which is why we recommend that you don`t lose your calm and start panicking.

Just relax. If you run into a sticky situation and cause big traffic disruption, it doesn`t matter. Whatever happens, don`t lose your cool. If you think you need to stop and park your vehicle to decide what to do or how to maneuver, you should. If people get mad, you should ignore them; they have to wait. Remember, many drivers have no idea what it`s like to maneuver a vehicle the size of your truck.
Have a blessed day and a safe journey.

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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 10/2022