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Unsafe Sex vs. COVID = Risk

Unsafe Sex vs. COVID = Risk

When a person with COVID coughs, sneezes, and even talks, they spread their respiratory droplets into the air. If a trucker inhales these drops or they come in contact with their mouth or nose, it is very possible that they will be contagious.

Can truckers get COVID from having sex? Yes, because in addition to not maintaining the recommended physical distance, at least two meters, during the sexual encounter it is exposed in the following ways:

- Kissing or even having sex with someone infected exponentially increases the risk of getting infected.

- The person infected with COVID-19 can spread droplets from their breath on their clothing, body and surfaces. If truckers immediately touch any of these elements and puts their hands to their face, eyes, nose or mouth, they could be infected.
- Contact with feces is also a contagion route for COVID. If during a sexual encounter in any way truck drivers can be exposed to the feces of their partner, they would also be exposing themselves to the contagion of COVID.

As of today, there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted by vaginal fluids or semen, more studies are needed to find out if it is a virus that is transmitted sexually. Although it is detectable in the semen of infected or recovering people.

Recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):
- If truck drivers are fully vaccinated and were not exposed to the virus outside of their close/family environment - they can stop using a mask and will not be necessary to maintain physical distance from their partner or family.
- If the truckers are NOT fully vaccinated or were NOT exposed to the virus outside of their close/family environment - They must maintain social distance from other people. They should avoid casual sex. If truck drivers consider that they were exposed to the virus they should avoid kissing or having sexual relations with their partner.

It is not recommended that the truck driver who are not vaccinated have casual sex with strangers. If they do so, they have to be responsible, be aware of the symptoms, avoid being in contact with family members for safety reasons, and follow the following precautions:
- Use a mask during the sexual encounter;
- Wash their hands thoroughly before and after sexual intercourse; although it is much more advisable to take a full shower before and after the sexual act;
- Reduce the number of people with whom they have sex;
- ALWAYS use condoms;
- They should not have sexual intercourse, or kiss people with COVID symptoms;
- Eliminate risky sexual activities that may involve exposure to urine, semen or fecal matter;
- Sanitize the place where they will have sexual intercourse.

For more information get in contact with your health professional.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2022