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Truckers: learn phrases to end a couple`s argument

Truckers: learn phrases to end a couple`s argument

It is very common for truckers to end up having some kind of discussion with their partners and on some occasions these discussions end up being unnecessary and deteriorate the relationship. It is very important to know when to stop a conversation that turns into an argument and a showdown that is detrimental to the relationship.

It does not mean that any conversation should be ended suddenly and abruptly, because people are different and it is normal for different thoughts to arise. But when insults, aggressiveness, contempt, among other negative aspects arise in a discussion, it must be stopped and there are phrases that can help this or at least soften the discussion, such as:

- "For me it is the best option, what is your opinion?"
This phrase will not only help to stop the argument, but will give an opportunity to listen to the opinion of the couple in a civil manner. The couple feels heard and respected.

- “I agree with you” or “you are right”
Being humble and recognizing that the other person is right about something is not an act of weakness, on the contrary, it strengthens the relationship.

- "I don`t like it when you do that" or "you make me feel bad when you act this way"
Expressing how one feels and the emotions that cause a discussion is a very healthy act because it will help the trucker to understand what is happening to their partner and the same the other way around, they will make themselves understood.

- Why don`t we stop for a moment and talk again later?
A pause helps to cool things down and reduce the aggressive tone of a heated discussion. To later talk about the same subject again, but calmer and more relaxed because there was time to think about the subject.

- Are we going to argue again about this?
This phrase has a lot of power because it will help to verify the cause of the discussion for a specific topic. Both the truckers and their partners will be able to identify what aspects bother them when they talk about a certain topic, either the way in which it is talked about or if the topic itself is conflictive and how it can be addressed without generating a discussion.

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Date: 2/2023