Truckers get intoxicated by stored food

Summer heat forces truck drivers to increase their care in relation to their trucks, routines, clothing, body and food. The temperature increases drastically in the summer and for that reason, truckers must be extremely careful with the foods consumed on the highway and with the conservation of the food that they bring with them in their trucks.

Food in poor condition may cause food poisoning which would put your health in danger and could take you away from the road for a long time which then causes economic and family problems. To avoid food poisoning, you should take the following care with the food you eat:

- Have a fridge to maintain fresh food during the trip, just open the fridge to consume what is necessary.
- Choose properly labeled food, that shows that it has gone through a quality control. Avoid foods of dubious origin.
- With refrigerated foods, it’s advisable to keep them at cold temperature until they are consumed.
- It is very important to check the state of the food and the expiration date before its preparation and consumption.
- Never freeze a food that has already been unfrozen.
- Avoid buying foods that need refrigeration in places where they do not have refrigeration or you do not know the origin.
- Pay attention to the color of the food, if it has a bad aspect do not consume it.
- Do not use containers that had contact with chemical products to store food.
- In the case of carrying cooked food, it should be consumed within the necessary time.
- Do not eat food that have been several days in the refrigerator.
- Consume bottled water.
- Avoid carrying foods that contain eggs, creams, milk or sauces, as they could be put in poor condition quickly.
- Choose appropriate restaurants that comply with the sanitary rules at your next stop where you will take a break.
- Consume water during operating hours to protect the kidneys and stay hydrated. Anticipating the feeling of thirst is essential.
- During the summer, truckers must increase the consumption of liquids, but without exceeding. It does not have to be just water, truck drivers can be creative and diversify the liquids consumed by opting for infusions, cold soups, fruit juices, yoghurts, fruits as they contain a lot of water, etc.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2019