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Truckers, don`t ruin your routine by making morning mistakes

Truckers, don`t ruin your routine by making morning mistakes

Sometimes the rush to start the workday on the road and meet obligations causes many truckers to make mistakes later in the morning. As a consequence, their routines are affected for the rest of the day.

Each trucker must know how important it is to start the day well, as well as to perform their morning tasks correctly, since this will directly influence, positively or negatively, the quality of their work and as well as their physical and mental health.

The 6 mistakes all truckers should avoid in the morning are:

1- Snooze the alarm
The famous “5 more minutes” can be very negative, since they can end up being many more minutes and will delay the trucker.
2- Do not get out of bed
Even though truck drivers are awake, they decide to stay in bed instead of getting up and doing their homework early. Laziness sets in, time flies by and everything is delayed.
3- Negativity when waking up
If truckers have a bad night and are feeling tired, fatigued in the morning, leading to a negative attitude and thoughts that are sure to affect their workday routine.
4- Perform tasks in a hurry
Rushing through tasks in the morning can be a recipe for disaster, as it seems that even the simplest task can go wrong if done in a hurry, such as burning tortillas, as well as creating anxiety.
5- Do not eat breakfast
Breakfast is very important and should never be skipped or forgotten, especially for truck drivers who will spend hours and hours driving. They must get up in time to eat healthy, this routine will give the trucker energy for the whole day.
6- Procrastinate (Leave everything for later)
This attitude can take a heavy toll for the trucker. Scheduling the tasks to be performed help optimize the truckers` time. Just like leaving their clothes ready or having food at home that they will take on the road with them. Simple tasks like these are left to the last minute and all the time they consume will be reduced from the time truck drivers have to be prepared before driving.

Although it is not possible to have a 100% perfect day, we can make them better. Having control of the small details and avoiding mistakes that will surely bring problems.

Having a well-structured morning routine is very important, in addition to planning the day from the night before, taking into account possible unforeseen events. Waking up early can have many benefits, as well as spending a few minutes to motivate ourselves and feel good emotionally, such as listening to music or watching a motivational video.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2021