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Truck Drivers Risk Their Lives in Extreme Temperatures

Truck Drivers Risk Their Lives in Extreme Temperatures

The human body is capable of regulating its temperature, depending on the adverse climatic environment it is in. However, when exposed to extreme temperatures, everything can become more complicated.

Normally, the human body temperature is around 98.6 degrees. However, a person can reach any of these states quickly if they are exposed to extreme temperatures:
? The truck driver`s body can suffer the consequences of having to deal with the extreme temperature
? Their health can be affected
? It can even lead to death

Countries with temperate climates are often affected by such challenging weather environments, mainly during summers and winters.

How Can Truckers Prepare For Sudden Changes in Temperature?

For truck drivers, it can be difficult to deal with extreme changes in temperature. If truckers travel from California to New York, they will experience a different, colder climate than California. This is compounded by the change in time.

A truck driver`s work is hard and demands a lot of sacrifices. As such, they need to understand and pay attention to the symptoms of their body to react quickly. In the event that a trucker`s body is unable to thermoregulate to the climate of its environment, they may experience bodily symptoms that will require due attention.

To ensure your health, call your doctor for instructions.

In the case of extreme heat

The main bodily symptoms are: tiredness, fainting, nausea, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, headaches, and muscle aches. All of these point to dehydration. If the trucker feels like this, he/she should seek medical help immediately.

Preventive measures may include:
- Ensuring that the truck`s air conditioning system is working properly and won’t fail on the road.
- Making sure the hoses connected to the radiator are new.
- It is recommended to change the antifreeze every summer.
- Wearing comfortable and loose clothing.
- Always carrying water in the truck and drinking it frequently.
- Trying to schedule cargo pickups and deliveries at times when it is less hot.

In the case of extreme cold

The main symptoms are: tingling, discoloration of the extremities, reduced consciousness, chills, and muscle cramps. The truck driver should seek medical help if he/she has these symptoms, especially if they feel they are losing consciousness and notice their extremities have changed color.

Preventive measures include:
- Ensuring that the truck`s heating system is working properly and won’t fail on the road.
- Wearing several layers of comfortable but warm clothing, such as thermal clothing or fleece linings, and protecting the extremities.
- Planning the route and the timing of working out of the truck well to avoid being exposed to the cold.
- Picking and delivering cargo at times when it is less cold.
- Carrying tools to remove snow from the road or truck, if necessary.
- Always have food in the truck.
- Having an emergency plan in case you have to go to a medical center.
- Ensuring the truck has tire chains so that it won’t become stuck on snowy or icy roads.

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