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Tips for Staying Passionate in Relationships during Winter

Tips for Staying Passionate in Relationships during Winter

Unlike the hot summer climate that favors sexual encounters, with the low winter temperatures truckers experience body discomfort, decrease of sexual desire and reduction of serotonin production.

How truckers can combat the negative effects of winter on their sexual relationships:

- Preparing the environment with the right temperature to undress without feeling cold.
- Share a warm moment prior to sexual intercourse, whether it is watching a movie or talking in a relaxed way.
- Take advantage of the fact that winter requires many layers of clothing to strip and seduce each other.
- Increase body temperature with a dinner with food and drinks that favor that, either including some spicy element, drinking a wine and eating chocolate for dessert.
- When undressing, truckers can ask their partner to put some type of body oil on their body or the other way around.
- Incorporate games at the moment, such as flavors, which would consist of covering the eyes of one of the two, drinking or eating sweet items such as chocolate or champagne keeping the flavor on the lips, then kissing the partner to try to guess what is that flavor.
- Having frequent sex with the partner will keep the intimacy between the two balanced and will favor the desire to continue being intimate. In addition, it is good for health, as it slows down aging, increases circulation and improves the immune system.
- Truckers who are sexually active during the winter will strengthen their mental health, reducing anxiety and depression. Sex will help them to disconnect from their routine on the road, reduce stress, increase your self-esteem, increase their levels of hormones such as serotonin (happiness) and dopamine (feeling of pleasure).
- The lower temperature favors trying new positions and being creative during intimacy without having to worry about the heat or sweat that these situations can generate during the summer.
Truckers, take advantage of the low temperatures to further strengthen ties with your partners and keep the spark burning during the coldest months of the year.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2021