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Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Truckers

Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Truckers

It`s safe to say that both bicycle riders and pedestrians experience face high safety risks on the road. They do not have protection in case of a crash, have slower speeds than automobiles, and may not be easily visible to drivers, particularly truck and bus drivers. The following tips can help bicyclists and pedestrians share the roads more safely.

Make Yourself Visible

During the day, wearing bright clothing is recommended as it makes bicyclists and pedestrians more visible. During the night or in low visibility conditions, it is important for bicyclists to wear reflective safety clothing and gear, use reflectors, and add lights to their bikes, while pedestrians should carry a flashlight and/or wear a headlight.

Stay Alert and Undistracted

Using headphones on the road is risky. It can prevent bicyclists or pedestrians from hearing horns, sirens, and other warnings. Make sure to stop walking and stay in a safe place when using a device. When in motion, put away your device, stay focused and pay attention to your safety on the road.

Do Not Stay in Blind Spots

Large vehicles, like trucks and buses, have a lot of blind spots, which make it tricky for drivers to see any vehicle or person behind and around their vehicle. You need to avoid riding, standing, or walking behind a truck, bus, or any other larger vehicle that is reversing since these drivers cannot see objects directly behind their vehicle.

Make Wide Turns

Due to their large size, trucks and buses can`t navigate the roads as easily as smaller vehicles. Therefore, truck and bus drivers need to make wide careful turns. If a large vehicle stops at an intersection or is about to take a right turn, pedestrians and bicyclists should wait for them to turn before continuing their journey. To ensure your safety, you need to step well away from the curb as well.
Avoid Riding Close to Trucks

Large trucks and buses pick up momentum when traveling and need the length of up to two football fields to stop safely. That is why it is important for bicyclists to not ride too closely in front of a moving truck or bus.

Obey Traffic Signs, Signals, and Laws

Bicyclists must follow all road rules, stop at red lights and stop signs, and should ride with the flow of the traffic. Pedestrians should obey traffic signals while crossing the road at intersections and crosswalks.

Avoid Riding or Walking Impaired

Alcohol reduces a person`s motor skills and clouds their judgment, whether they are driving, riding on a bike, or walking. If you`ve been drinking, do not drive or walk by yourself. Get a safe ride or take public transportation.
For more information, please visit FMCSA`s official website:

Safety at the Wheel


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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 5/2022