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The Lifeguard on 18 Wheels

The Lifeguard on 18 Wheels

Some experienced drivers have the misconception that their driving skills guarantee that nothing will happen to them because they drive well and consider wearing seat belts unnecessary.

The purpose of the belt is to provide safety for all vehicle occupants and its use is mandatory. The belt is one of the most important internal protection mechanisms in vehicles, since it protects us in the event that we have to stop abruptly or in the event of a crash.

Some drivers give as an excuse that the use of the belt is very uncomfortable. The truth is that the belt could save their lives. For that reason, it seems inexplicable to me that it was found that 66.5% of those involved in incidents were not wearing seat belts. HOW IRRESPONSIBLE!

As parents, we must be very careful with what we do. Keep in mind that our children, although they seem to be distracted by other things, are observing our actions and often imitate them.

With our good example, let us protect our children and prevent them from acquiring bad habits that could put their lives at risk. As a father, I think that is something I would never forgive myself for.

Always use your belt, even if you are going to drive a short distance and if you have passengers, make sure that they are also properly secured. Seat belt use is mandatory and failure to wear a seat belt is a violation of the 392.16 section of the FMCSA.

Not using the belt increases the chances of dying by 25 times. The seat belt will prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle by the force of the impact, being dragged and scratched on the ground, or crushed by your own vehicle or someone else`s.

Although good drivers do not usually cause accidents, they may be involved in an accident caused by a bad driver, bad weather, mechanical failure, a tire blowout, etc.

Wearing a seat belt prevents injuries and fatalities by preventing ejection and protecting the head and spinal cord. So please don`t make the mistake of overconfidence, buckle up and let`s avoid risking our lives. Your family will thank you. Have a nice day and a safe trip.

Safety at the Wheel


Edic.: 177
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 4/2022