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The importance of Optimized trailer capacity

The importance of Optimized trailer capacity

Its very important for delivery fleets to make the lowest number of trips during their daily deliveries to maintain costs as low as possible while providing a high level of service and customer satisfaction. But this is not always possible to achieve because the key to meet this goal, the best way to use the space in a trailer, can be undervalued.

Maximizing the capacity of the trailer plays an important role to transportation companies. Fleets can manually calculate the weight of the load and the space available in the trailer, but cannot predict with precision delivery time. That`s why they use a software to optimize fleet vehicle routes and can be a solution to a great optimization of trailer`s capacity.

No fleet company wants to lose profit and this is what happens when a trailer operates with empty space that could be filled with more cargo if the trailer capacity were calculated correctly. With the help of software this problem can be solved, since fleet managers will be able to plan with accuracy the better route plan, as well as define driver schedules of each vehicle.

Routing and Scheduling Software, from Aptean, can be a good solution to fleet companies that are looking for the route optimization of their vehicles. The software has 3 different modules: Paragon Single Depot, Paragon Multi Depot and Paragon integrated Fleets.

Paragon Single Depot performs the calculation of the most effective transportation routes in relation to single depot operations. Paragon Multi Depot decreases transportation expenses and time spent planning by enhancing performance and maximizing resources through depots.

The most complete module, Paragon Integrated Fleets, considers drivers and truckers integrated as one single transportation resource, enabling the combination of displacements of different depots. That makes the routes more effective, which translates to more productivity and less empty space on the trailers.

The main benefits of Paragon Integrated Fleets module are:
- Possibility to do more trips per vehicle per day;
- Reduce empty running;
- Enhance driver performance;
- Decrease idle vehicles;
- Minimize the purchases of new vehicles;
- Reduce overtime;
- Decrease the time of route planning;
- Diminish emissions and mileage;
- Reduce operation costs

For more information about Paragon Routing and Scheduling Software please visit:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2021