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The advantages of a truck driver who rides a bicycle

The advantages of a truck driver who rides a bicycle

Truck drivers are healthy when they learn how to coordinate their favorite sport with their work. Achieving this combination is very difficult for many, but nothing is impossible. Attention! Don`t just try to ride a bike, you have to add a good healthy diet to this, so that the changes you seek have good results in your physical condition.

Being on the road, the physical training options for truckers are limited, but if truckers have a bicycle on their trailer, they will have a very complete option of physical activity when they are is in their break time. Riding a bike regularly offers many benefits to both the trucker`s body and mind. Some of the advantages of adopting this habit are:

  1. Helps keep the mind balanced – Because when riding a bike all the blood in the body pumps at a higher speed releasing endorphin (happiness), dopamine (pleasure), serotonin (promotes sleep). Fighting the stress accumulated in the day on the road.
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol levels – If this sport is practiced with moderate intensity and regularly, at least 3 times a week, the level of good cholesterol increases and the levels of bad cholesterol are reduced.
  3. It favors the immune system – It’s a sport that helps slow down the effects of aging, since it collaborates in the conservation of muscle mass and maintains high levels of testosterone. When practicing this sport, immune cells (phagocytes) are produced, whose function is to attack the bacteria that cause infections in the body.
  4. Strengthens the trucker`s knees – Knee discomfort is a problem that many truckers suffer from. If the muscles of the legs and their joints are strengthened thanks to the pedaling of the bicycle, it’s easy to avoid pain and ailments in the knees.
  5. Increases performance – Riding a bike will help truck drivers to improve their physical shape, their resistance and cardiovascular system, something that is so demanded in this profession.
  6. Burn fat effectively – It’s an excellent way to burn those calories that are left over in the trucker`s body.
  7. Helps in brain functions – Riding a bicycle can improve the truckers’ memory and their ability to think thanks to the oxygenation and optimized blood flow that is obtained by pedaling. In addition to the stimulation of hormone production that favors the growth of new brain cells.
  8. Tones the body – Especially the muscles of the hamstrings, quadriceps, twins, gluteus maximus and also the back.
  9. Strengthens the heart – Riding a bicycle on a regular basis and where the intensity is gradually increased favors the pumping of blood, which facilitates the oxygenation of the trucker`s body. With that, the circulatory system and also the heart are strengthened.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2022