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Smart Truck Technology impacts positively in the success of truck fleets

Smart Truck Technology impacts positively in the success of truck fleets

It’s a fact, technology is continually improving and trucking sector is evolving too in relation to improve different aspects of cargo transportation business thanks to new smart technologies for heavy vehicles.

The benefits of using smart technologies have an impact in the performance throughout the truck fleet company, since different elements of the complete business can adopt these innovations, such maintenance, operations, data collection. Those improvements have a considerable positive impact in the business success.

Companies, like ConMet, are thrilled to stay updated regarding data science and intelligence for improvements in the commercial vehicle sector. Some examples of ConMet innovations for truck fleets businesses in relation to Smart Truck Technologies are:

1- Making sure the cargo weight is distributed proportionally thanks to SmartAir Axle Load – Which makes possible to have control of the weight distribution across axles with and air suspension-based axle load monitoring system. During the pre-trip preparation, while the vehicle is still parked, fleet managers and drivers can have the knowledge of cargo’s weight and perform any adjustment if is needed. Avoiding infractions and decreasing fines in the road.

2- Having control of vehicle’s asset by Implementing geofencing thanks to SmartTrack Asset Management – Truck fleets can track their loads with a geofencing toolkit that could be fully customized according to the company’s needs. With this tool an asset can be easily localized and is possible to define notifications to inform when an asset leaves the distribution center or yard and also when it arrives to its destination.

3- Enhancing tire maintenance decisions to prolong tire lifespan and increase safety thanks to SmartAir TPMS: Which is a Wheel hub technology with active health monitoring of vehicle’s tires. This system makes possible to monitor tire pressure, perform quick pre-trip inspection checks of the tires, set alerts for under or over inflations and fast and slow leaks and more.

4- Maintaining the health of the all trailer air supplied systems thanks to SmartAir Line Pressure – An inline are pressure monitoring systems which is designed for verify air line pressure status fast at the moment of the pre-trip inspection but also in while the heavy vehicle is on the road. Low pressure and actionable disconnection notifications are included in the system.
If you want to know more about these technologies, please visit ConMet’s website:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2022