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Signs of Liver Problems Truckers Shouldn`t Ignore

Signs of Liver Problems Truckers Shouldn`t Ignore

The liver is responsible for digesting food, accumulating energy, and getting rid of waste. Truckers should be aware of the following possible signs; it is essential to avoid complications in this vital organ:

1- Feeling that the stomach is chronically inflamed
Bloating, a distended belly and the need to take diuretics frequently to keep the intestine regulated could be related to the liver.

2- Frequent vomiting or diarrhea
It’s probable that truckers’ body may have a harder time digesting food and drinks and they vomit or have diarrhea regularly if they have liver problems. The body becomes overloaded and they may feel inflammation, pain and discomfort in the stomach.

3- Intense pain in the belly
When the truckers feel intense and inexplicable pain in the lower right part of the ribs and even taking medication does not improve, it could be related to the liver.

4- Pain in the right shoulder area
This is a serious symptom if it is finally related to the liver because it would mean that there are complications such as the presence of tumor cells. When tumors grow in size and mass, more pressure is generated in the nerves, mainly in those located on the right shoulder blade.

5- Emergence of bruises
When they appear in a mysterious way, they could indicate that something is wrong with the liver, which is responsible for making the proteins that the body needs to clot the blood. In cirrhosis, protein levels drop drastically because the liver is struggling to regenerate, causing bruising and bleeding.

6- Feeling of exhaustion
If it lasts for days, it could be that the waste generated by the liver is accumulating and reducing the levels of oxygen in the body.

7- Mood swings
Personality can be affected if toxins accumulate in the blood and move to the brain. Being able to affect concentration, memory, sleep and the way of relating to other people.

8- Lack of appetite
If truckers lose a lot of weight and their appetite is drastically reduced, it may be that the liver is trying to regenerate.

9- Yellow coloration on the skin and eyes
It is a serious sign that the liver has a problem such as jaundice, which occurs when the organ is unable to process the cells that were degraded after the use of oxygen.

10- Swelling in the ankles
Fluids can build up in the ankles from a liver problem.

11- Dark colored urine
If the urine is dark and the stools lighter than usual, you should see a doctor as soon as possible as it could indicate liver problems.

Truckers who detect two or more of these signs should go to their doctor for an examination and a diagnosis of their case.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2021