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Room Divorce Is It a Great Solution?

Room Divorce Is It a Great Solution?

For those who spend hours and hours on the road behind the wheels of a truck, being able to return home to rest and sleep peacefully is essential. When they return from their long working hours and their rest is interrupted by their partners, it is possible that problems may arise in the relationship.

If at bedtime, a truck driver`s partner snores a lot, steals the sheet, moves nonstop, has a different time to wake up or to go to sleep, or suffers from restless feet, it can make it very difficult for the professional driver to rest and fall asleep properly.

If the trucker`s sleep is affected by their partner, why not look for a solution, such as sleeping in separate beds or even different rooms? Doing a room divorce may sound a bit drastic and over the top, but it could be the solution to keeping a relationship alive.

Benefits of Room Divorce:

? Better rest for both parties
? Promotes physical, mental, and emotional health
? Prevents the effects of diseases caused by poor rest
? Increases personal energy
? Increases performance at work
? Improves the couple`s relationship because there is more satisfaction in spending time together, more understanding, and fewer arguments and conflicts
? Avoids reproaches caused by sleep disturbance.
? Prevents the use of sleep medications or earplugs.

Many people might think that adopting this dynamic can lead to problems in a couple`s relationship, such as feelings of rejection and harm to the couple`s bond and intimate moments. However, this is not true, nor does it have to be, because all the possible disadvantages can be discussed and worked on together.

One thing is clear, though; for the room divorce to be successful, both parties must want to do it, are comfortable with the decision, and be convinced that the main objective, which is to rest well, will bear fruit.

Communication in your relationship, as a couple, will be the key to explaining the need for the decision and keeping the relationship working. It does not have to be a definitive decision; it can be something temporary and according to the needs of each moment for the couple.

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Date: 6/2022