Owner-Operators fight against 4 laws that could change their lives

OOIDA partnered with associations, cooperatives, distributors and others to fight against four bills that would suppose high costs to the trucking industry. This coalition, formed by 30 groups and the leader of OOIDA, sent an opposition letter regarding different bills to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and to the Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation, affirming that those mandates wouldn’t increase the safety on the highway and would include high costs to trucking businesses.

The bills contested in the letter:

1- They expressed their concern about the Underrides guards bill. This bill requires the installation of front, rear and side underride guards on the tractor-trailers weighting 10,000 pounds or more. They don’t consider a workable requirement, because not all vehicles are able to install underride guards.
2- In relation to the bill that requires CMVs to install and set speed limiters on 65 mph, they affirm that this measure could increase the possibility of crashes.
3- They consider that is too early to introduce the bill that requires to equip new CMVs with AEB (automatic emergency braking system), since it’s a very new technology, and there aren’t enough studies to prove its efficacy yet.
4- They don’t consider the bill to increase the federal medical insurance adequate, since they affirm that the minimum insurance is sufficient to cover the damages of a crash.
For more information visit OOIDA’s website: https://www.ooida.com/

Edic.: 147
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2019