Edic.: 142
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 5/2019

Load Connex: The Solution to your Transportation Business

The transportation industry is constantly evolving through the inclusion of technology, which aims to facilitate work, reduce risks and reduce costs for both carriers and shippers.

Load Connex was created, precisely, with that vision, which provides information, in a very easy, accurate and reliable way, so you can optimize your time and have control of your business in the palm of the hand.

Among the advantages that Load Connex offers to truck drivers is that it eliminates the need to call brokers. This will help you avoid long waiting times on the phone and avoid price negotiations with the broker, who will usually try to keep a big slice of the pie.

With Load Connex, you don’t have to talk to anyone. Simply use the application on your cell phone or computer will give you access the available charges and prices, so you can choose the load of your preference. The loads that you will find with Load Connex are loads of customers that have been previously evaluated and verified by us, so we can guarantee you that you will not be at risk.

Load Connex also provides you with the most accurate mileage report for free, so that you can make your IFTA report easily and accurately. In addition, with Load Connex you will receive your payment very quickly, without additional charges.

If you own a fleet or are in charge of controlling a fleet, Load Connex will also monitor your loads and visualize the location of your trucks on a map. In addition, you will receive alerts in real time if your trucks are late for their appointments. This will help you to offer your customers an excellent service. With Load Connex you can dispatch your drivers in a very simple way, through text messages.

All these benefits have no cost to you, and it’s very easy to register. You can do it from the website https://loadconnex.com or call (888) 451-6888 ext. 246 for more information. What are you waiting for? Call us now!