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Keep trailer monitored thanks to a taillight

Keep trailer monitored thanks to a taillight

TrackLight tail lamp GPS trailer is a tracking solution developed by the 4W Telematics Trailer Tracking System together with Anytrek. It is a fully functioning tail light with a GPS module inside an oval taillight, which can be easily installed.

Any type of trailer can be tracked by Tracklight and it is the ideal covert for a tracker because how it can be discreetly disguised. Thanks to those factors the mystery behind stolen or lost trailers can be successfully solved.

With Tracklight, the time off the road to equip trailers with it is small because it’s an easy installation process with a standard wiring harness plug to enable a fast adjustment. It’s not necessary to cut the wiring of the trailer. If the trucker can change a tail light, he can also install a TrackLight tail lamp.

The cost of investment of a TrackLight tail lamp is very effective. Fleet can save money because having the information about where all company’s trailers are enhances the efficiency of any business. As a bonus incentive, all the high-value assets can be tracked easily.

TrackLight provides a reliable network powered by 4G, but if necessary, it’s possible to scale back to a 3G network. TrackLight’s technology facilitates roaming from a telco to other, which assure a strong connection and the continuous location report from Panama to Canada.

More details about TrackLight:

- High impact Lens;
- Scratch resistant Acrylic;
- Simple installation - utilizes existing wiring loom
- When unpowered the battery last 3 months
- Obtain power from tail light circuits and the brake
- Is available in 2 sizes of oval formats: 4" and 6".
- Just like a LED tail light (how it works, the appearance and the installation)
- Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof
For more information about TrackLight tail lamp GPS trailer please visit:


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2021